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Coffee by yuna :) you are now perfect to me. I love you.

oh shes absolutely amazing

Anonymous asked:
those bows in usagi's hair are actually so that her hair doesn't get hugely tangled! as a person with super long hair i've done similar things, now i just braid it out of lazyness lol

braiding is definitely the way to go lol I so the same with my hair!

Anonymous asked:
omg i finally found your blog again! i just wanted to tell you that you're so beautiful

lol well I’m glad you found me!

senshiace asked:
hi sushi! i just want to say, thanks so much for owning and running this wonderful blog and being so open and nice about yourself bc of you i decided to tell my best friend that i like girls as well as guys! i was honestly really scared even though she's really supportive and has always listened well to whatever i had to say, but now i'm so relieved that i've told someone at least what i've sorta denied to myself for a long time. and it's all thanks to you so thank you sushi!! i love you!! <3

that’s wonderful and I am SO happy that you’re feeling more comfortable with being yourself! that’s just amazing and thank you for taking the time to tell me about it! feel free to message me anytime :)




tagging doujinsushi mauving diamondfordisease yrinoa bocks ttoki-li hnknta slvtwave promethickis man like everyone im following pls

marry me


i had no freakin idea there was a seaon 9 of its always sunny in philadelphia. i watched the show on netflix so i just ASSUMED they were up to date i will never trust netflix again i gotta watch these eps asap

Too great oppression for a tender thing.


usagi knows what’s up