Anonymous asked:
I thought you were an Asian with a curly perm.



Alexandre Cabanel “Fallen Angel” detail.

Anonymous asked:
Where do you get all your cute chokers? Also you are an angel

the bell one is from ebay just search “bell choker” and the the other one is from hot topic i bought it a million years ago

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dance dance dance // lykke li

when i trip on my feet
look at the ground
the words are
written in the dust

Anonymous asked:
no because sushi reads yaoi. aint that right sushi wink

Anonymous asked:
I thought you were asian but I think you're half white half black?

wonder what made you come to that conclusion!!

Anonymous asked:
u shud take a picture of ur hair when u wake up

looks pretty much the same anon

Anonymous asked:
youuuure beautiful just had 2 put that out there

and youre very sweet! just had to put that out there <3

Anonymous asked:
hii i'm sorry to bother you with this i bet you get lots of questions about your hair but can you please tell me how your hair stayed so healthy and curly after bleaching it? i have wavy/curly hair and mine is also bleached and i dyed it blue/green/grey etc many times. but after bleaching it my hair lost most of it curl at least can you tell me how you usually dry your hair to make it look so nice?? sorry for bothering you this is super long omg

i really didnt do much to it beside condition it a lot after bleaching it. i wash my hair in cold water, brush it out with a wide-tooth comb, and just let it air dry. thats it!

Anonymous asked:
You have the strongest eyeliner game I've ever seen

can i kiss you