jesus so my family got me a buddy pass and i didnt know it and they didnt call my name for this flight so i gotta wait till almost 6am for the next flight and its only 12 mannnnnn this SUCKS




Grail figure. #ichibankuji #sailormoon #sailormoonfigs #sailormoontoys #sailormooncollectibles (at Aiia Theater Tokyo)

are you kidding me.

I wanted to get this puppy but they be charging $90+ for her, I guess bc she’s a lottery item.

where did you see her being sold if you don’t mind my asking! I haven’t found her anywhere

Anonymous asked:
just to tell u, idk if u still have blue hair but when u did, u looked like a beautiful mermaid princess who lures men to their deaths and devours their souls~

I do still have it! I plan on keeping it for a very very long time. and thank you! you’re sweet 😘

Anonymous asked:
Post a selfie? :3

here anon this was back when i was happy and hunter x hunter didnt control my life

Anonymous asked:
Soooo I use this thing called Imvu and like your real life physical appearance inspired me to make this avatar that looks similar to you and omg, shes like almost as cute as you are. Its just so ogjhipgh. you're too pretty omg.

oh you have to show me!

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dont say that!!

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IT’S GONNA BE OK (Y) [also i loved that arc]

frizzy i love you so much you always make me feel better i know everything is gonna be okay because you say so 

midnightwintersolstice replied to your post: is anyone here a fan of hxh and has ma…

everything is gonna be ok!! for the most part. don’t worry the babies are strong!!

thank you i believe you! will keep the faith! :)


Anonymous asked:
Yaaaaasss girl don't worry , I've made it past chimera ant its all gonna be OK! heard hxh is taking an indefinite break p soon though :(

thank you anon ima take your word for it that everything’s gonna be okay!!😊❤️ and idk what ima do without hxh!! hopefully it won’t be gone too long otherwise I might lose it


GON ゴン

episode 1 vs episode 116

is anyone here a fan of hxh and has made it through the chimera ant arc can you pls tell me everything is gonna be okay !!!