Anonymous asked:
a a who is semi ?

some loser 

Idk if you’re interested but I have some extra purple pansies if you want some ^.^ free of charge!

you are sweet! let me pay you for those please.

LET ME GIVE U STUFF how many flowers are you looking for and what types!! I’ll give you extras of what I have.

nahhh i dont mind paying! im looking for any colors really! i need a few blue ones to fill up this row of roses i have and any hybrids you’re willing to part with! roses or not! i want a sea of hybrids lol


woohoo!! ok what you got and how much you want for it!!

if anyone wants to sell me hybrid roses in ac let me knowwww

Anonymous asked:
How long have you had your hair that color? How do you keep the color from fading and did you do your bleaching in steps [like bleach, wait a week or two then bleach again, etc like some hair places recommend for less dead hair after processing] Also, if you don't mind me asking-what is your curly hair care regimen? thanks :3

my hair has been this color since the end of january! I don’t wahs my hair very often and when i do its in cold water so they helps it not fade as fast. But it doesnt eventually fade. I bleached my hair, then waited a few days before i toned it. Then i washed my hair with purple shampoo for about a week and then i dyed it. I really dont have a regime i wash and condition it every once in awhile and thats basically it.

i responded privately to the people that have sent me messages but if youve sent me a sweet message on anon i want to say that i’ve read every single one of them and i think youre all wonderful and i’m blowing kisses at my computer screen for you. yes you! 


I leave for work in the morning and when I come back my cats are still in the exact same spot go get a job cats


This will go towards the “get semi a less shitty computer” fund.

Anyways, yeah. Self explanatory. Price depends on complexity of your character. 

Email your orders to me at (this isn’t my paypal address btw) with references and how much you are paying. 

I will finish your order, send you the preview, and you send me the dough with the paypal email address I provide you. 

Thanks, homies. wink.

I’m a horrible person